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Rum BBQ Sauce

🚨 Limited Edition Rum BBQ Sauce‼️

This Month, I’ll be Celebrating My Birthday with a limited edition of my homemade Rum BBQ Sauce! Description My authentic homemade 12oz Spice Rum flavored barbeque sauce can be used with or on your favorite vegetables, beef, seafood, chicken, or pork of choice.

This robust, rich BBQ sauce infused with Spice Dark Rum, is slightly sweet with hints of the deep, rich taste of rum.

Features & details

  • Perfect on ribs, roasts, steak, chicken, and even seafood

  • An authentic aromatic Spice Rum flavoring

  • Creates a beautiful savory glaze

Available August 10, 2021

Order Your Rum BBQ sauce while supplies Last!

It’s Definitely the Right Thing to Do!™️

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